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Project Description
Accompanying code for MSDN Coding 4 Fun article about using the new Windows 7 taskbar from managed code. This uses the Windows API Code Pack from Microsoft to achieve easy interop with the new Windows 7 features. Source code is available in both C# and Visual Basic.

Looking to take advantage of some new Windows 7 goodness? Learn how to work with some of the great new taskbar features to create a more streamlined user interface.

In this article, I would like to dig into the following notable new features:
  • Customizable preview
  • Icon overlays
  • Progress indication
  • Toolbar buttons

None of these features are very difficult to use due to the Windows API Code Pack. This download is a free (but unsupported) package from Microsoft on the MSDN Code Gallery. Version 1.0 was released on August 6, after a number of earlier versions. Since many of the new features are specific to Windows 7, they are not in the .NET Base Class Libraries. This package exposes them for .NET so you don’t have to do any of your own interop.

This sample is written for Windows Forms, but it works equally well with WPF. These four features are easy to integrate into any application that you write.

This code project accompanies the MSDN Coding 4 Fun article, Windows 7 Taskbar.

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